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Family holiday

Unique and custom family holiday up to 3 weeks to Marken, Edam, Monnickendam, Volendam, Enkhuizen, Friesland and/or IJsselmeer.

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Looking for a retreat for your family, something unique on your Europe trip while experiencing the Netherlands the “Dutch way” - sailing on your offshore adventure while tasting the typical Dutch culture & delights on shore…?


You will for sure enjoy your relaxed outdoor family holiday on the passenger ship FRISIA XV - where all your senses will be touched on your journey along the shore - pampered with the sound of playing waves following the ship’s trail, eye-catching postcard-views, refreshing breezes, and tasteful bites of your favorite dishes.


Explore The Netherlands by boat - with the freedom to book onshore trips or restaurants, guided by our private hosts and shuttles - when desired.

You can stay onshore in Amsterdam, with the luxury of playing on the water near shore (using all our water activity ‘toys’ like windsurf boards, sup board, sailing boat or speedboat) and you can also choose to sail away under the guidance of a private captain who can bring you to the nicest villages around the waterfront of IJmeer, Markermeer, IJsselmeer or Waddenzee.


Explore the Netherlands by boat - with the freedom to also book onshore trips or restaurant visits, guided by our private hosts and shuttles - when desired.

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Please let us know how we can make your personalized experience - with a nautical twist - happen!
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