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PURE Water Experience offers exclusive experiences to families, friends and businesses who desire to experience a pure, unique and memorable stay on the water.


Enjoy your unique stay with a nautical twist.

We travel more than ever before. In a world where people live to experience, there is a growing demand for unique and exclusive experiences that go beyond the standard offerings. 


“With our board of directors of our company (Dutch multinational) we have held a strategy day on the Frisia XV. It was an amazing experiences and really something different, personal and unique ."
- Chairman of the Board
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FRISIA XV ship rental

FRISIA XV is an old ferry boat that sailed in the early ‘40s between the mainland and the island Just. It could handle 220 passengers, horses and carriages in those days. After a quarter of a century, the red cross inherited the ferry boat and used it for day trips to their patients. The next 25 years FRISIA XV was refurbished into a party ship which hosted multiple marriages, jubilees, celebrations and ceremonies over the years in mainly the south of the country. On the Maas river she was found by her latest owners who transformed the passenger vessel into the house boat it is today, where the original ferry’s design was restored in a modern version of the 21st century.

“We provide a private and exclusive nautical setting for families, friends and businesses to create memorable and unique moments”

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